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Assange 2020

Assange is in a couple of news documentaries recently on YouTube.

He's now an old, weaker man who has been treated pretty bad for about 7 years.

He's from a period of time when there were a few people doing similar things, from similar motivations, standing up and really challenging world powers and governments. From what we saw, the majority of people aren't informed about these figures, couldn't understand them very readily if they were informed, and don't care. The minority who were along for the ride and watched these figures closely, I think some of them remained hardline supporters, since no actual evidence about their characters has come up despite a ton of character assassination. And others probably came to the conclusion that there's no point, not because they don't believe in human rights and not doing shitty things like those governments were doing, but that the people they sacrifice for are not worth sacrificing for, even though they wish they were. What's the point?

But after I watched the documentary, I scrolled down the page, and every - literally EVERY - comment was in support of Assange, what he did, against the government(s) for what they did then, did since then, and were doing now, and there were a LOT of comments. I was surprised by this. I was expecting to see a lot of comments against Assange or his character, but there weren't any, at least in the top several dozen I read. Can't fool them, despite all the work they've done against Assange, I guess.

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