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Colombia Stuff

Postal codes in Medellin:

Cologne: Tesoro, la Rivera, Felco, Falabella

Used clothing: Minorista, Laureles botique thrift shops.

Spring water: Manantial (from a spring souce near Botota, which you can visit)

Import export:

Drugs: weed 20g, hash 5g, coke (or coke based substances) 1g, metacualona (qualuude) 2g. LSD and MDMA not contemplated by the law so not recommended having more than 1g. Not legal to use in public spots, near schools, public parks. Law allows police, especially in MDE, to decide to fine you or not. Has to be not for selling, and seems it should be wrapped.

Places: Pueblito, Periodista, rock bars,


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