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Libre Office Writer & Calc


If spell check doesn't work, Select-all and R-click > Styles (or Paragraph > Styles) and go to the Font Tab and just change the language to English (USA).

Replace double paragraphs with single. This should be done with Find and Replace and putting ^$ in the first field and nothing in the second. It didn't work for me this time though.


Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Application

Define new colors: Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Colors

LibreOffice adding colors with find&replace

  • [1-9] for numbers
  • * for asterisks
  • ... for ellipsis
  • | to separate words (if you want to find John|Jose)
  • ^\s* for any spaces at the beginning of lines
  • (?replace ... with no space after it with a space after it?, same with : remove spaces around *)

... then put & in the replace box, and check ‘regular expressions’. Click ‘format’ > ‘highlight’ and select a color' and close that dialogBox.

For some reason, after applying a find&replace, it just won't do a second one unless you close the document and re-open it.

Instructions from the internet:

  1. Press CTRL+H for a Find and Replace view
  2. In the first box type a word. If you want to replace multiple words, put a "|" inbetween them
  3. In the "Replace" box put a single "&"
  4. With your cursor still in the "Replace" box, press Formatting, click Highlighting.
  5. Press Color and choose whatever color you like
  6. Check the box for "Regular Expressions"


Not used this time:

  • ^$ finds all empty lines
  • $ finds all space after the end of a line

Workaround for removing multiple spaces (although it didn't work for me because it brought stuff too close together also. Just try it to see, but save a copy of your document first.)

  • Search for all $ with Regular expressions, and replace it for a character not used in the document (perhaps █)
  • Search for all ██ “and replace with something else”
  • Search for all █ and replace with \n (to recover the paragraphs)

Regular Expression on LibreOffice

Replace | with : and then

  • ^[^:]*
  • ^[^:]*:
  • Highlight everything before the colon (second one includes the colon) in order to make it bold.

[cal_custom_stack_list words="" id="1"][/cal_custom_stack_list]

  • ^[^:]*
  • ^[^:]*:
  • Highlight everything before the colon (second one includes the colon) in order to make it bold.

  • : [a-z]

  • (plus TopMenu > Format > Text > Uppercase)
  • Every lowercase after a colon, make Uppercase. This hardcodes that Uppercase. If you just do uppercase in Find&Replace, it won't copy-paste to other documents.

  • ^[a-z]

  • ???
  • Select all the first letters and make them capitals.

  • (?-i)(?<=: [a-z]

  • This highlights all the lowercase letters that follow colon and space. (remove the prefix (?-i) to select all letters that follow, not just lowercase.

Regular expressions for Word Lists

(Note that arrow brackets disappear on this site, so if that issue occurs, be aware of it.)


  • \s+\s+
  • \t\t\t
  • Find spaces (only longer than 1 space, so not between words) and replace with 3 tabs.


  • /* with /*/t
  • (t is tab)
  • add tabs after *


  • \s+\s+
  • |
  • $
  • ~
  • replace tabs/spaces with | pipe, and then replace (paragraph)s with ~


  • (.+) and do Format>Bold (to select only things that are bold)
* <span class="hidden">$1</span>
* Replace bold words with <span class>


  • Avoid " within text because it's used by the cal_shortcodes.


  • [[:space:]]+
  • spacebar
  • remove multiple spaces between words and replace with space (note: you will have spaces before start of line sometimes) (Note you may not want to do this as some exercises have purposeful spaces like ... (aquí) 6 ¿Dénde trabaja usted?*6Trabajo aquí. ... in the “Response Drill”.


  • ^\s*
  • nothing
  • for any spaces at the beginning of lines


  • \s+*\s+
  • *
  • Remove all the empty space to left and right of *asterisk.
  • \s+ is spacer \s repeated at least once +
  • Note that this is wider than your specification because \s will also match tab characters. If you don’t want this to happen, replace \s with “ ” (single space, without the quotes).
  • *: the reverse solidus \ is necessary to escape * because it has special meaning in regular expressions


  • $
  • ~
  • Replace (paragraphs) with ~


  • (^[0-9])([a-z])
  • $1 $2 (there is a space between those 2 things)
  • Any time there is a number, make a space after it
  • Parenthesis tell LO to store what was found, so you can reference those things in Replace.
  • You may check, if it is necessary to improve the regular expression using \p{letter} as the one used above does not even find upper-case and will fail on accented characters.
  • (These are backreferences)


  • Remove spaces before any colon, and add a space after any colon.
  • Remove spaces before ..., and add a space after ...


  • (.*)*
  • &
  • To Find all text that comes before the *
  • (in order to highlight-Dark it for spell check on just the Spanish side.


  • sudo apt-get install hunspell-es
  • Tools > Options > Language Settings > Languages > Default languages for documents, and select Spanish, and then do ‘automatic spell check’ and it should work.
  • Spellcheck the Spanish words


  • ,$ = comma (your target) and dollar which is a descriptor for end-of-paragraph
  • or
  • ,\n = comma and \n which is a descriptor for a linebreak
  • Replace commas at end of lines (could be of two types) with a period.
  • ,*
  • Replace commas before an asterisk* with a period


to constrain text to its columns, highlight it and click the ‘wrap text’ button on the toolbar

gridlines disappear when highlight with color:

Tools →Options→→Calc→View ……→Visual Aids:Grid lines Show on colored Cells

How can I print some, but not all, of the cells on a sheet?

  • Select the cell(s) you want to print
  • Select Format → Print Ranges → Define from the main men

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