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Notes on Alesis SamplePad - Load your own samples

USE 32gb or less SD card (larger won't be recognized).

ALL SAMPLES must be 16bit wav files. Must be 16bit, 48000, mono. Program from Alesis to do this: (No linux).

Don't make folders (you won't be able to find them). Make samples like 8 characters so you can read them on the display.

Hold down-arrow and right-arrow for 2secs.



Comment by Sean Combs:

Great tutorial. I have a few additions.

  1. COPY KIT is ALMOST the only way to create a NEW KIT. All new kits are created on the SD Card. No SD Card, NO NEW KIT. Once it's copied, change the pad sounds to what you want on the new kit, and SAVE.
  2. An option to #1 above, You can put your SD Card in your computer and copy / paste .KIT files (inside the KIT older) but you need to rename the copy. File name is limited to 8 characters. (See #4 below). The only way to get new sounds assigned to this new kit is through the Alesis Sample Pad Menu. This allows you to quickly create as many new kits as you want but you will still have to edit the sounds assigned to the kit on the Sample Pad.
  3. You can change the name of your created Kits. With your SD Card in your computer, open the folder named "KITS". You will see files such as USER_001.KIT. You can change the USER_001 portion to whatever you want, with no special characters (except _), no spaces, and it CANNOT be more than or less than 8 characters before ".KIT". For example, I use a certain kit for our cover song by Stone Sour. I renamed USER_001.KIT to STONSOUR.KIT. The kit will still be named "KIT 11" in the left corner of the Alesis screen, but the center top of the screen shows "STONSOUR" (The File Name) . As I mentioned in #3 above, it takes about 20 seconds for all 8 of my custom sound files to load to this kit.

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