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Notes on Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView

Install on Windows or Mac, because it requires things that pertain to those systems. I put it on a Windows10. (It can be done on Linux, but the things you have to install seemed like they might compromise Linux security so may as well do it on a Windows machine. I could be wrong about this.)


Install the Elixir exe file from the website. (It also comes with something called Erlang, which you can do coding in with Elixir, but I don't know if anyone uses it.)


Then open Command Prompt and install the 'Phoenix app generator' (change the version number to most recent) with:

mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.5.7

It will prompt you to also install 'hex.'

At this point you can make new Phoenix projects with:

mix projectname

You will have created a folder in your 'User' folder which has whatever 'projectname' you gave it. You can also now cd to that folder in Command Prompt with 'cd projectname'

However, you want to use a code editor for auto-predicting code text, because Command Prompt doesn't do this. I put in Visual Studio, which is what YouTubers were using. Go to their site and install. It's about 700mb I think. When it opens I pick 'dark mode' since YouTubers use that.


Install Git on the computer from the page. You need it to install LiveView from the github repository.

Now, in Visual Studio, open the folder projectname. Go to mix.exs and add the dependency for Phoenix Liveview. To do this, under the phoenix, 1.5.7 line add:

{phoenix_live_view, github: "phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view"};

then go to Command Prompt, where you are still cd'd to your project folder, and type:

mix do, deps.get, compile

However, at this step it might not compile because Erlang 21 has an issue on Windows, so you would have to downgrade to Erlang 20.

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