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Would Ptolemy be as famous as Alexander and Ceasar if he had wanted to dare to be?

He lived a decently long life, around 85 years, and passed on opportunities to attempt to succeed Alexander in all his conquered territories, maintaining his property of Egypt and securing it's orbit, Greek coastal towns, and then Corinth (later lost) and a few others. His Egypt was considered well-ordered, and his way with his own men (Macedonians and other Greeks) won him favor among them, and he wasn't unpopular with the natives either for his treatment of them. He founded the Library of Alexandria. After his death, his line ruled Egypt of almost 300 years until Roman's took control with the death of the final Ptolemaic ruler, Cleopatra VII in 30 BC.

When in 321 Perdiccas made an attempt on Egypt and was defeated (and killed by his own men). When the reputedly good-natured and well-liked Ptolemy crossed the Nile to deliver supplies to the invading army, they offered him Perdiccas' regency, but Ptolemy declined.

Had Ptolemy extended himself to his full and just came up against his limits of resources and ability? or did he hold back where others would have dared, and perhaps secured himself a place much larger in history, alongside Alexander and Ceasar?

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