Intelligence is simply talking to many people

Suggestions for Research Work

  1. On the differences in disagreement attitudes between cultures

Research would be conducted by posting the same questions or comments on subreddits or Facebook pages, etc for various countries, and cataloging the responses. Further, some questions and answers would be written in English, and others in the native language, to look for standout features or differences between responses to the a poster who uses English versus the native language.

  1. Narrative studies, how much of it is visual?

to:Gordon Bower 1969 Narrative Stories as Mediators A LUMBERJACK DARTed out of a forest, SKATEd around a HEDGE ... Does the story help us narratively really? or is it because it allows us to use a visual movie? Try to test for stories that you can picture, like this one, but contrast with stories that have no visual element, which you can picture with your eyes closed internally. Try with other senses.

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