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Tyson fights tomorrow

A recent thing for him was the toad. He did an interview tonight. Besides the fight tomorrow, there's a strong possibility they'll do a series on legends doing something, like Rodman versus some other b ball player doing a one-on-one to 11. Filming the process of getting in shape and the whole what it is. Age not being what it used to be, he said. You don't bring your age to the table, you bring your energy to the table, and with enthusiasm, he said. He got the idea watching Jerry Rice, who they said doesn't have it anymore because he ran a 4-11 off his old best time, but that people still wanna see him, they wanna see him more than they wanna see the guy playing his position now.

What you pay for with pay per view isn't just the fight, the two athletes. It's also not knowing the result. The excitement comes half from that. Who's gonna win? What's gonna happen? If you watch the fight after it's over, there's a real chance someone's gonna spoil it for you and you're gonna know who wins before you start watching, which ruins the excitement completely, and you're just left watching the proceedings, the physical performance.

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