Intelligence is simply talking to many people

Words of Others II

I never want the world to know everything about me. I mean, that’s why I wear big, baggy clothes. Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath. Nobody can be like, ‘Oh, she’s slim-thick, she’s not slim-thick, she’s got a flat a**, she’s got a fat a**. No one can say any of that because they don’t know. - Billie Eilish in 2018 or 19

... throttling the pace of the Blood Orange project to give fans room to breathe, to crafting whole albums the public never gets to hear, to distributing them to friends on cassettes and quietly moving on. - About Dev Hynes

... Thus it should come as no surpise that Trobrianders, like people in other parts of the world, give meanings to things that make them worth more than their cost in labor and the material of which they are made. Long yams, bundles of dried banana leaves, and strings of polished red shell discs all occupy a deep and meaningful place in Trobriand life. These are the things that cross boundaries between people, that connect one villager socially and polically with another. Malinowski wondered why men give so much attention to their yam displays. Yams, we now know, are the objects that create relatedness as they cross clan boundaries, establishing long-term relationships between individuals that lead to other advantages, such as land rights, protection, assistance, and other kinds of wealth. Only from this perspective can we understand the political implications of a chief's yam house standing empty or yams becoming weapons as men measure them against each other in a fight for dominance.

We didn't love freedom enough. - Solzhenitsyn

Is there anything that you regret up to this point?

-Regrets? Of course, I have. Had I known this issue would drag out for so long, I wouldn't have come forward. If no one knew, then I could've just lived quietly. At the age of 14, when I should've been studything, I was taken away. Not being able to study is my deepest regret. If I ever got money from the Japanese government, with that money, I was going to pay for the education of the students who can't afford to do so, so they can study. That was my plan. But I'm 92 now. There is no resolution in sight.

-So if Japan admits to wrongdoing, do you have the heart to forgive?

-I do. They say 'Hate the sin, not the sinner.' This isn't something Abe did. It's what the former emperor did. ... You might be hearing this for the first time, but for me, it's so painful to talk about it. At this age, when I should be at peace the Japanese government keeps dragging out this issue. So, whenever I have to talk abou this over and over, I'm heartbroken beyond belief. - Former comfort woman Kim Bok-Dong

Las mezquitas son lugares de erudiciòn y para impartir justicia, por tanto se desarrolla en ellas tanto la vida privada como pùblica.

The Rus have no cultivated fields and they live by pillaging the land of the Saqaliba. When a son is born, they father throws a naked sword before him and says: 'I leave you no inheritance. All you possess is what you can gain with this sword.'

In the reign of this Ptolemy the Jewish books were translated into the Greek language by 72 teachers in 72 days. For this Ptolemy wished to understand the force of the books in the Greek language, since they had been written in Hebrew.

On the Acropolis of the mountain near Antioch, he built a public bath for the citizens, to which the water was conducted through the Laodicean water conduits from the previously mentioned rivers. He also built on that hill a theater, and restored the Pantheon in Antioch, which was about to fall, erecting also the altar.

First of all im going to show you an all rounder. this is bramble. she is a welsh mountain pony. she is strong enough to carry me from place to place, happily. shes a very solid creature. lovely to ride. shes not particularly tall, so shes nice and easy to get on an off. and does the job incredibly well. shes not particularly high status. shes not a fancy color. she doesn't have sort of stylish breeding or anything like that. she didn't come from an exotic place. in fact she comes from the welsh mountains. so shes a native breed of British horse. but she does the job incredibly well. she probably wouldn't have been too expensive to buy back in medieval times. and she doesn't eat too much so shes not too expensive to look after. and she isn't particularly high maintenance when it comes to getting sick or doing the wrong thing or injuring herself. so shes a very solid choice for somebody of middle status to get around. so there's your typical roundsy. the typical practical everyday horse for riding.

In survival you're always doing something, never relax.

He is very good at narratives. At judging audiences. He experiments. The way you launch a narrative. You never know whether it will go well. He listens to the audience. He creates a whole story. The story of him at his rally, which is spread by word of mouth, it's a visceral thing. Most of these people had never gone to a presidential speech before. And if they did it would have been boring, he would have been talking about statistics on the national deficit or something. Trump is not boring. Really not boring. And it started a word of mouth thing which is huge.

Unlike the Mesolithic hunters, who hugged the coastline and river valleys, the first farmers began to break into the interior of Britain, and what they found was a wild and wooded place. birch and oak forests, home to red deer and elk, in the undergrowth bears and wild pig. this wild region was about to be transformed forever by new technologists, shaping and adapting the land to work for them. they weren't simply alongside nature, but ruling over it.

Its thought neolithic culture swept across Britain in only a few generations.

Cereals and domestic animals, and pottery, a completely different diet. but less healthy than hunters with their fresh fish and red deer, according to scientific evidence. a day came when there were too many people to return to hunting. and land ownership. long lives to loose teeth.

Its not the human remains themselves that are the most interesting. Its what was buried with them.

It turned the conversation once again to the FUTURE of Tesla, and away from what was happening in the country today and its challenges.

He sold 360k EVs in the year. and while he had had a hard time delivering on promises in the past, this one he delivered on, and investors were like if he can deliver on this promise, what other promises could he deliver on in the future?

International diplomacy depends not only on the balance of hard power but also on perceptions of legitimacy which depends crucially on soft power, and it becomes more important than ever in an information age.

The social cohesion that results from multiracial meritocracy is also hard power. it is the foundation on which all else we have achieved has been built, not the least of which is economic success - Singapore.

Would anyone really ascribe soft power to a country whose interests clash with ones own? strong deterrence makes it easier for other countries to regard their interests as being aligned with ours, or at least to regard differences of interests as tolerable.

Countries whose values are aligned attract each other. that is trite but true because values are just another kind of interest, or another way of describing or concealing interests.

Throughout history, power on its own has never been enough.

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