This website is blog. It includes the Land and Sea Journal; blogs about current social problems and solutions (tagged #shitworld so they can be separated from more pleasant blogs); some Essays; compiled information on given subjects with a view of later perhaps organizing them into essays but at least assembling a body of relevant points; quotes. Mostly this blog is a journal and organization tool, but sometimes is a place to put ideas to share with others and groups, in order to discuss things.

You can comment on each post at the bottom of the page, or you can comment on the subreddit. comments on the site have to be approved to keep spam away, so they might take a few hours to appear after you write them. However, you don't need an account or anything to comment. Censorship i don't agree with in any form, however as a citizen of a country that has anti-human rights laws regarding freedom of expression, press, and thought, so called "hate speech" will be censored unless absolutely necessary, not because I believe in limiting your expression, but simply because I wouldn't have time to deal with my tyrannical government over the issue. An option would be to post "hate speech" on the subreddit and optionally link to it on the blog.

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