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GNU Image resynthesizer plugin for infilling background

Doesn't work on newer Linux because it was designed for Python2 and currently Linux distros are using Python3.

Some guy said, "For 'buntu 22.04 the old legacy gimp-python packages no longer work, Python3 rules.

There is a Gimp appimage launcher that adds python support.

Just updating an old laptop to kubuntu 22.04 / Gimp 2.10.32 from the Panda Jim PPA Only Python3 available.

Goes like this: 50 second demo animation:

Running the appimage unpacks to /tmp before starting Gimp. You can unpack the appimage and run it as 'permanent' installation. Up to the user.

That gets those heal python plugins running with resynthesizer.

Other distros ? Kali is based on Debian testing, maybe the MX-linux version works. Arch ? Too much cutting edge."

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