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Inkscape: Make SVG vectors, curved objects ...

Turning an image into an SVG for Blender

  • I think svg is like a bunch of code, so doesn't work like an image
  • Use a png. Open in Inkscape. Path > Trace Bitmap. Save as ... (svg). Should work.
  • In Blender, File > Import > sv

Making SVGs for screenprinting

  • Import image
  • draw a shape (rectangle) over it. It will be solid color, so down below double-click the color and make it somewhat opaque.
  • click and shift-click the two things (your picture and the colored square you drew over it)
  • Object > Clip > Set
  • And resize content: File > Document Properties > Resize page to content and click “Resize page ...”

If it's a color

Object > Ungroup

Making a whole object curved

  1. Select object and Copy
  2. From toolbar, select Bézier tool.
  3. In the tool options above (horizontal bar), choose the option that says "Bend from Clipboard".
  4. Draw a curve with the Bézier tool, and R-click and it should then copy with that curve

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