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Migrate WordPress website away from 'Managed WordPress on Godaddy' to cPanel

[Reason: Godaddy force-updates sites, continually breaking them]

Note: Even after I did this, and had all the content and re-installed the plugins, it had an issue with uploading new media and a few other things. So I had to delete the theme, reinstall it fresh from Themes > New.

COPYING THE SITE is the first part

  1. Go to and install a plugin called All-In-One WP Migration and create an Export file (this is 2 steps: first it creates a file, and then ou go to Backups and download it). WAIT, actually Wordpress has Tools > Export (so is a plugin even needed?)
  2. (Check your php version [because maybe new ones break stuff] Tools > Site Health
  3. Go to your cPanel which is
  4. Go down to Aplications inside the cPanel main screen and select WordPress and create put it at
  5. In the new site, go to Tools > Import and run importer and pick the little .xml file generated by the preious Export step. I selected Download and import file attachments' but I don't know what it is. ... a few things failed to import, such as ‘ ad_tag ad tag1’ It didn't have the Theme activated. ... It didn't import my plugins. ... it didn't have the custom stuff added by Developer
  6. The installed WordPress inside cPanel from a few steps ago was 59mb. Go to Tools > SIte Health and go to Info > DIrectories and Sizes and look at Total Installation Size. My small site was 95mb. (Note that I used to use Analytitracker, a custom Plugin. Do I still need this?) I had to re-enter my Akismet API key copied from the old site.
  7. Developer Shortcodes
  8. Download the old theme from WordPress File Manager (inside the Admin section) and Upload to new site. Otherwise you won't have files that were changed and added (Developer_Shortcodes) in the new site.

I ALSO DID THIS BUT IT DIDN'T WORK (All-In-One WP way) (The reason it didn't work was the file wouldn't upload (too big?)

  1. Because it didn't import everything, I tried All-In-One WP Migration plugin way. Repeated steps 1-4 (created a second site copy in cPanel) then installed the plugin on the new site. I tried to import the file I generated with the same plugin on the alreadyExisting site. It didn't work to import it on the new site because there was a 30mb file import limit. So I installed the plugin on the new site WP FIle Manager and edited the htaccess file:
  2. At the bottom (it already had 20 lines of codes) of the htaccess file I just pasted (the Export file I generated from the old site was 360mb):
  • php_value upload_max_filesize 400M
  • php_value post_max_size 400M
  • php_value memory_limit 400M
  • php_value max_execution_time 3000
  • php_value max_input_time 3000
  1. I went back to All-In-One > Import and it uploaded the 360mb file, but it stuck at 8.45% imported. It didn't work at first but a little later it did, after a bit of refreshing and editing the htaccess code above (what you see there is not the original attempt). It stuck again at 11.03%. Didn't ever get past around 10%.

SSL - Secure Website

Cloudflare has automatic redirect enabled, but still the website is ‘not secure’. Download plugin ‘Really Simple SSL’. Nothing more needed to be done after activating.

this resource checks Why your website is ‘not secure’

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