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Samplerbox for Raspberry Pi pianos

There is a basic version of the software, and then there is another version someone improved.

Then you need the SalamanderGrandPiano files. This is 1.1gb and the 'Adapted' version is like 145mb (but you can't really get good volume differences with it).


  • little delay when scrolling between programs so you don't have to load each program but can seek for the program you want
  • another text file, config-custom.txt with fields user can just modify easily. For example, user wants to set another button/dial to be for scrolling between programs (maybe his controller doesn't have a ‘program’ button. So he just enters ‘pin2’ or whatever the appropriate thing is in the field. Oops, it's not pin2. He enters pin3 and the button/dial on his controller works.


Make samples

Sfz samples

  1. 1.Set up rPi with RTOS (FreeRTOS or Zephyr
  2. download and extract
  3. -Build by running
  4. -Install the FreeRTOS library with
  5. -add theh FreeRTOS library with <#include “FreeRTOS.h”>
  6. -link project against the FreeRTOS library by adding this flag to your compiler command <-lfreertos>
  7. -Set up your project to use the FreeRTOS API by follwing the instructions in the FreeRTOS documentation (this will involve creating tasks, setting up queues and semaphores, and using FreeRTOS API to control the behaviour of your tasks
  8. 2.Install software sampler that is compatible with the RTOS
  9. 3.Create sample library of 4 velocities
  10. 4.Configure software sampler to use the sample library, and set it up to receive midi input

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