Intelligence is simply talking to many people



A little study, after reading (all available free online without research accounts as pdfs):

  • International preferences in selecting mates - A study of 37 cultures (1990) - DM Buss
  • Sex differences in human mate preferences: Evolutionary hypotheses tested in 37 cultures (1989) - DM Buss
  • Global Sex Sexuality and sexual practices around the world (2000) - Judith Mackay

Topics raised (in Buss 1989, and peer responses):

  • Orgasm as a gauge
  • Partner's likeness to parents
  • What do males and females choose based on
  • Value of these criteria under different circumstances (eg when women make more money; in an industrial society, children's values)
  • Criteria that is most variable across cultures (age, chastity)
  • Actual choice versus said preference, actual satisfaction, retrospective judgement
  • Authority of the sample
  • Rape offender's preferences
  • Modification of choice based on thinking (type of relationship, acceptability of relationship to others, thoughts about what is healthy, thoughts about what is simply available)
  • Value of coyness and easiness
  • Moko dude
  • Evidence from deception
  • Spain as a possible outlyer
  • Women put off more by unfaithful husbands
  • Mammal females are hard-working mothers
  • Employed women a return to historical economic role
  • Convertibility of economic resources into value

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