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Tails OS

virt-manager VMs in Tails

Note: Can't use ‘persistent’ on the first install (from the DL). Have to use that DL and boot it and then install Tails from that to another Tails USB.

  • is the official site
  • (note, 32bit or 64bit. New versions do not have 32 bit (most recent 2.12 I think)

you put it on a USB, but that one won't allow Persistent. You have to use that Tails USB OS to make another Tails USB from it. ... Use ‘Tails installer’ and write tails to another USB/SSD. Now use that new USB Tails (don't use the original one) and boot it, and you can ‘configure persistent’ on that one. Should work. (Persistence is adding a storage volume which is/can be added to future boots.)

Without Persistence, Tails is such that it removes the fingerprint of the user (from browsing interface). The internet can see you use Tails perhaps but not who the user is. (It can't see browser configuraiton, screen resolution, what drivers are installed, in addition to the things most people think of ie MAC address, IP address, analytics).

Note: Persistence is NOT invisible. You can see it when you boot on that USB.

AppImages in Tails

  • first, put in ‘persistent’ folder
  • then, make executable


  • How does Tails clear RAM?
  • Other Samplerbox?

Improvements for Tails

  • should ALWAYS show “pw for persist. If you have not set up Persistent, ignore this"
  • 2nd pw for delete

Add languages

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