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X1 Carbon

X1 Carbon sucks:

  • no sd slot, not SD or microSD. Nothing.
  • didn't come with touch screen
  • kind of buggy with screenlocks. Have to restart a lot.
  • comes with Thinkpad Startup BIOS which has a lot of options you need to turn off (including a lot of Windows things)
  • doesn't seem too much faster for most tasks. Video render is like 3 or 4x faster, which seems to reflect the same PCbenchmark score difference.

X1 Good:

  • smaller and lighter
  • larger screen, kind of squarer


Had to use 22.4 Kali because 22.3 didn't have drivers for wifi. 22.4 was fine though. However, on 22.4 Virtualbox work right away, but did work eventually (QEMU did work but can't share folders with Windows and didn't figure out how to share with LinuxGuest).

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