Intelligence is simply talking to many people


Investors and Economists

  • Jeffrey Gundlach of DoubleLine Capital, a graduate of Dartmouth College where he graduated summa cum laude in math and philosophy in 1981, and attended Yale University for a Ph.D. in theoretical mathematics before dropping out. Drummer in some bands that never made it big, married for 20 years to the bassist. In 2008 fired and accused by TCW of misappropriating trade secrets; interfering with the firm’s contractual relationships with clients; committing civil conspiracy; and, for good measure, for keeping marijuana, sex "devices," and dozens of pornographic magazines and videos in his office.

  • Dan Niles, Satori fun manager, seems to know history of stocks well

  • Jim Chanos, short seller

  • Ray Dalio, economic historian and theorist

  • Steve Eisman, the guy in the movie who saw the bank crisis coming, a fun guy to listen to talk



  • Art historian Francisco Calvo Serraller
  • Philosopher and court chronicler Manuel Vincent
  • José Álvarez Junco, Director Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales y Catedrático de Historia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


  • Enrique Dussel, writer and historian

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