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Productos de Colombia

Products that Colombia ships to other places in the world. Although some of these I would have doubts they manufacture in Colombia and not in China. But still, Colombian world brands.

Imusa: Cookware and small appliances (purchased by a french company)

Victoria: Cast iron cookware

Hatsu: iced tea

Rappi: Delivery service

Aquazzura: Luxury shoes

M2Malletier: designer purses

Touché: Underwear, swimwear, pajamas

Avianca: airline (perhaps more Panamanian than Colombian)

Aguila: Beer

Poker: Beer

Bavaria: Beer, and they also buy other international beer brands and improve them

Juan Valdez: Coffee and coffee shops around the world

Café Quindio: especially in Asia and starting to expand to Europe

Quala products: Vive100, Gel ego, Savital, Frutiño, Saviloe and Bon Ice

Maaji: Swimwear

Odademar: Swimwear (expensive in the US)

Undergold: Street wear

Colombina: Candy, including Bom Bom Bum, has won international awards for innovating flavors and sugar alternatives

Arturo Calle (like Hugo Boss)

Veléz: Leather bags, boots, belts

Totto: Bags and some clothing

Ron Dictador: Liquors

Alpina: milkbased products company, probiotics, desserts like the Alpinnette

Argos: cement company

Postobon: soda, juices, sport drinks, and one of the most important companies supporting Colombian sport in worldwide events.

Grupo Nutresa: nutritional/food products

Ron Parce: Rum

Pera_d.k: clothing, alpargatas, swimsuits, jumpsuits, jeans, leggings, shorts, pijamas, some cosmetics

Iasumi: otaku/kpop/anime/e-boy merchandise, and clothing, pijamas, sweaters, jackets, jeans, shirts

PrettyYoungThings: aesthetic watch with cartoons and pop culture themes, bags, accessories

Kozidoshop: rings, accessories, bags with a punk/rock style

Nihlo: Cosmetics, hair and skin care products


Colombia is the world's second largest exporter of flowers.

Notes: Colombiamoda Fashion Week,

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