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90s Rave Scene

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Everyone acting funny bout the dude at 0:33 but this vid shows that even social outcasts are welcomed at raves,everyonejust dances and noones judging one another, like it should be - Maxim van Dijk

It was brilliant, look at all the massive eyes, chewing and gurning. Everybody was pilled up, it was just pills and water, no booze dancing all night together happy. If you bumped into someone you'd end up having a chat. Wasn't about fashion or dressing up, you wore what you wanted to dance all night in. - Melford Blue

No video phones to make fun of people later with. Just some random with a (probably massive) video camera at this one. - WhisperSparkles ASMR Since 2010

you got that right....the fact was rave party back then during the 90;s thru the 2000's was kinda the party for the outcast, weirdos, and definitely not for the cool kids....i had my fair share of rave parties, rolls and K in late 90's to early 2000 fun times - nugraha teguh ginting

Molly...makes you look into the soul and see the beauty in everyone...while it makes you look like someone from a horror movie xD - Haffelpaff

good old days. no stabbings no acid attacks no gangs just happy people having fun - New Adventures

One thing that always strikes me about the difference of then and now.... we danced together, NOT FACING THE DJ booth. - KA FKA

Oh cool, I was at this party. It was an illegal warehouse event by Energy in 89'. Me and mates were driving a Peugeot 205 gti and at about 5.00am I went to the car to get some skins, I had a football in there too so I took it out and kicked it in the air. Next thing there was like 50 to 100 of us out of our faces passing and kicking the ball to each other, it was so hilarious trying to kick the ball as we were so gone we kept missing it and falling over 🤣😂🤣 best time ever. Trust me when I say this, these were beautiful times to be alive, the parties, the music, the people... Epic in every sense... The dj playing is Evil Eddie Richards who I first met at Clink Street in 88'... Best days of my life ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ xxx - Tam James

Amazing thing is, nobody is showing off, they just look like ordinary people enjoying the atmosphere, just being themselves. Nice to see lots of black and white people mixing, no trouble. Everyone happy. I remember the 80s being like this, people were so much nicer to be around. Nowadays everyone is image obsessed and arrogant, all about me me me, the labels on my clothes, the car I drive (you mean lease LOL) and posting everything about themselves on Instagram or Facebook etc. People have such a horrible self important attitude these days with no time for anyone else. Social media has turned everyone into sickening attention seekers. Get me a time machine please. - Ernie Flannel

Every single person is dancing or at least trying to dance.Thats cool. - Dennis Fiorillo

Love how people dance and are not trying to look cool for one another. - jryde421

Theyre trying but you can't see it..its a different kind of trying - Matina TheArtOfRolling

LMAO remembering the time were waiting for the bus home late in the morning after hard partying and suddenly realised we were dancing at the bus stop to the idling of a bus engine. Couldn't stop laughing when we realised what we were doing. Wicked beats were everywhere. Man, them were the days....... - The Herbalizer

Oh hell yeah! No cell phones. Everyone dancing. No stupid trendy clothes. Raves back in the days were the ultimate! Everything was perfect and I mean EVERYTHING! - Anthony Smith

The 90s was f***ing amazing for raves...No post code wars back then you might get the odd one or 2 muppets chewing a wasp but not as much as you do was just happy people on a dance floor enjoying the music....All as one..Peace.. - David D

Looking back at this. I don't ever remember it being a problem finding my mates or loosing part of the gang you went out with when its all over and time to go home. You always found each other and usually ended up back at a mates house or flat to carry on for a continued party and eventually wind down with a few joints while the birds started tweeting. Happy days.... Now i cant even meet up with a friend without about 10 mobile phone calls back and forth just for a pint in the pub. whats happened lol? - Kick Muck

I was there and It was amazing! Talk of how times have changed,no mobile phones glued to peoples ears,no people covered in stupid tattoos,I don't know what the point im making now and im sure some one will reply to bite me on my arse ha ha but things were just better then,or were they? - Russy Russ Ally Decks

this is so awesome to watch, nobody gives a fuck, they are just enjoying the moment and everybody dances, no one is holding his shit mobile phone in his hands!! would love to have such a clubscene back - Marcus Mondel

I love how everyone is enjoying the music and not caring about the camera. Unlike now days were people get hyped they being filmed then it goes away from them and the just stand there again. - Isaac Tom

We need less phones and cameras on the dance floor. People can't be themselves on camera. - Geeeee8

Not a single Instagram post or Tweet was made that day.

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